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Protecting Your Rights In Maritime Law Cases

Injuries, transactions and other matters involving admiralty and maritime law are highly complex. Laws are often different for workers, properties and activities related to waterways than the laws that govern the land.

I skillfully assist my clients with intricate maritime cases. Whether you are a passenger, seaman, worker, or an owner of a vessel, you can count on my strong reputation and legal knowledge.

The Complexity Of Maritime Cases Calls For Experience

My law firm frequently addresses challenges that concern:

  • Jones Act cases involving worker safety and seaman injuries
  • Longshoreman and harbor worker injuries
  • Recreational boating accidents
  • Commercial vessel accidents and collisions
  • Other maritime accidents, such as barge and tugboat accidents
  • Salvage claims, which reward individuals who save a vessel or its passengers and crew from serious risk

These cases can contain complicated factors, which is why it is important to entrust your case to an experienced attorney. If your case involves an accident or injury, proving negligence or defending against liability may be a key – but difficult – part of the process. In other cases, worker contracts, insurance policies and additional documentation may require a thorough review.

Through careful evidence analysis and strategy, I provide comprehensive service for maritime claims and disputes. I have nearly 50 years of legal experience in negotiation, litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods. For your specific case, I can assess which options could best help you achieve your goals.

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